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DLD Munich 20

Munich, Jan 18-20

Munich New York Brussels Berlin Tel Aviv


DLD conferences are by-invitation-only. If you’d like to attend, please submit an application. The regular price of the ticket depends on each conference.

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Three Takeaways From DLD Campus Bayreuth

*DLD Team

Automation, food, retail, mobility and regional development were some of the main topics we discussed at our third Campus conference in Bayreuth on June 27. Take a look at the detailed recap ...

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Biology Meets Technology

*DLD Team

Imagine if a machine could develop a sense of smell – to detect explosives at airports, say, or alarm you when you’re developing a disease. That’s exactly what the Californian startup Koniku is ...

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#DLD19 Recap: Everything Must Change

*DLD Team

“Adapt or die” has been nature’s governing principle since the beginning of time. Humans are experts at adjusting to change – and entrepreneurs cherish the opportunities that technological ...

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#DLD19 Recap: A Matter of Trust

*DLD Team

Trust is a simple concept that has enormous power. Without trust there would be no community, no commerce, no democracy. Trust requires faith – in another person, in government, in anything new ...

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