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DLD 2019 speaker preview

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Find out who’s scheduled to appear onstage at DLD 2019 from January 19-21 in Munich by visiting our event page. Below is an overview of select topics and speakers. In addition, you’ll find interviews with several speakers on our News page.

The year in tech

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, will hold this year’s keynote speech on January 20.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ll shine a light on this breakthrough technology from various angles. Speakers include Joanna Shields, Kai-Fu Lee, Kim Polese, Toby Walsh, Chris Boos, and Grazia Vittadini.

IoT and infrastructure

How can 5G fulfil its promises and what’s the best way to build the next-generation Internet? Speakers include Francesca Bria, Claudia Nemat, Markus Haas and Rasmus Hasle.

Africa’s hidden potential

While Asia is booming and getting much attention, the world’s second-largest continent holds great promise for the future as well. Speakers include Juliana Rotich, Ludwig BayernOkendo Lewis-GayleEghosa Omoigui and Fatoumata Ba.

Blockchain and the value of data

Who’s in control of today’s biggest digital treasure? Can blockchain and related technologies break the power of platforms? Speakers include Joe Lubin, Don TapscottSandy PentlandJuan Benet and Jutta Steiner


One planet, many challenges – from feeding 8 billion people to plastic waste in the oceans. But also many new solutions. Speakers include Marcella Hansch, Brian Spears, Hila Cohen, Zack Denfeld, and Bill Gross.

Europe, lost in digitalization?

Far from it, we believe – but how can the Old Continent reinvent itself? Speakers include Diego Piacentini, Ann Mettler, Jaan Tallinn, Yaron Valler, and Manfred Weber.


Hackers can break into smart homes, ruin companies, even hijack elections. What should defenders do to keep attackers out of their systems? Speakers include: Wolfgang Ischinger, Udo Helmbrecht, Abe Chen, and Oren Falkovitz.

Democracy in the age of digital 

So many channels, so much noise and hostility. How do we return to a civil discourse? And have multinational corporations become too powerful? Speakers include Andrew Keen, Scott Galloway, Ian Goldin, and Parag Khanna.

Applause please!

Dancer Sergei Polunin, painter Katharina Grosse and director Alvaro Delgado Aparicio are among the artists this year who will illustrate how culture can be inspired by technology and how much richer our world is thanks to arts.

Innovation: Rachel Botsman
Why Innovation Depends On “Leaps of Trust”

Education: Fred Swaniker
“Many of the most important innovations will come from Africa”

Artificial Intelligence: Kim Polese
“To unlock AI’s true potential we need systems that can explain their decisions”

Social & Politics: Parag Khanna
“Europe needs to be the smart middle ground”

Responsible Technology: Scott Galloway
“A new era of leaders will take us there”